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AnuSpa International Range Soap's Gift Set

Anuspa International Range soap set Contains Olive contains vitamins A and E which helps repair free radical damage caused by sun exposure,diet and pollution. Olive Oil Soap helps Skin retain moisture, leading to healthy, younger looking skin.For thousands of years antioxidants and anti - inflammatory properties of Olive have been widely known. Anuspa French Cologne for refreshing & invogorating Ageless cologne is captivating & energising. Its in regular use by men in after shave which has now been used in the soap for its refreshing effect. This fragrance has originated in France & has been brought to you by Anuspa. lavender has a rich history of healing properties, glorious colour and relaxing fragrance. English lavender is widely used for aroma therapy to stabilize and relax the mind. It has been used since ancient times as much for its delicate perfume as for its medicinal properties.

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