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Anuspa Ubtan, a Natural Scrub Soap for soft and radiant skin (125g) Get Anuspa Tress talk Shampoo Free Worth Rs. 7/-

ANUSPA UBTAN SCRUB - Exfoliating herbal scrub of rich spices and exotic herbs from the hills of India.This revitalising wholesome cleansing scrub is being used for 'Abhyang Snan'(Holy Bath) as well as beauty ritual for Indian Brides.It does deep pore cleansing, lightens your tan and adds a natural glow to the skin.t!

Ingredients: Fragrant Rose petals, Medicinal Nagar Motha, Ambawadi, Amla, Wada, Bavchi, Orange Peel, Jatamansi, Kapoor, Katchri and skin-softening Chandan Powder.

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