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Strengthens the hair roots and cleanses them

These chemicals not just further harm your hair with their chemicals but also contain salts that spoil the roots and suck the life out of them. Even baby shampoos which are mild and less harmful to hair contain very strong fragrances that damage your hair in the long run. To counter these, go the natural way with time tested ways to preserve the original lustre of your hair. Use shikakai and amla! AnuSpa presents the Shikakai soap which combines the goodness of Shikakai with avla to strengthen the hair roots and cleanse them without damaging them.

Further enriched with Brahmi that stimulates hair bulbs and prevents premature greying, and hibiscus, a natural conditioner and moisturizer, this soap is a perfectly natural way to achieving those gorgeous long locks that attract nothing but compliments.

Details - strengthens the hair roots and cleanses them without damaging them. Delays premature greying and reduces hair fall contains: hair strengthening shikakai & Amla, hair bulb stimulating Brahmi and conditioning Hibiscus

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