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Bio-D Matic + Laundary Powder

Bio-d Matic+

The only laundry powder in India with Beta Phase Technology for extra cleansing power. This revolutionary beta phase biodegradable, non toxic formula is the brain child of IIT Engineer Mr. Raakesh Bansal.

  • It is tough on dirt but soft on fabric as well as hands.
  • Can be used for machine wash as well as hand wash.
  • Special low foaming formula to save water.
  • 2 in1 action - cleans & softens the clothes.
  • Safe and effective for happy skin & brighter clothes.
  • Say bye bye to fabric softeners and whiteners.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients like soda, ash, clay, dyes, phosphates and ultra violet brighteners.
  • Even removes residues left behind in the fabric by your previous detergent.
  • Mild lingering fragrance.
  • Eco friendly.
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