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Fresh Flower Relaxing Spa Bar

Relaxing the body

The sight of a baby sleeping, in his innocence, unaware of the tensions in the world, is one of the most beautiful sights one can experience. Imagine how beautiful it would be to be that baby...

AnuSpa’s exclusive range of Fresh Flower soaps presents the Fresh Flower relaxing spa bar that contains pure Geranium, Jatamasi (Spikenard) and Lavender oils that contain relaxants that soothes ones senses and relieves stress. Take a day off, and spend some time with this spa bar. You deserve it.  
Caution : Children below 8 years, pregnant women and epileptic should not use

Soothes ones senses and relieves stress

Contains: Geranium, jatamasi & lavender essential oil

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Rs. 200

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