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Muscle power

Not all oils are as greasy and medicinal smelling as you think. Some oils like this one come with a soothing Lemongrass fragrance enriched with the combined goodness of pepper and ginger essential oils. A perfect recipe to relax your muscles and relieve fatigue and muscle pain, the base oil used in this massage oil is enriched further with almond oil and olive oil which also help beautify your skin. We have to warn you, you might want to take an off from work, more often than you thought. This one’s truly addictive!  

Directions to use

For a perfect indulgence, its best to call in a masseur. However, if a self indulgence is on your mind, focus on enjoying the fragrance, calming your body and massaging only to stimulate blood circulation and releasing muscular tension. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Start at your feet and sweep up the legs in long, light brisk movements. Orient all skin brushing movements towards the heart, to encourage lymphatic flow of blood.

2. Pay particular attention to the cellulite-prone areas like your thighs. Brush your abdomen in a circular, clock-wise motion. Brush your arms with an upward motion, moving towards the heart.

3. While there is no time limit for an indulgence, 2-5 mins of regular massage should relax you and leave you rejuvenated.  

Children below 8 years, pregnant women and epileptics should not use.

Non greasy oil to relax your muscles and to relieve fatigue and muscle pain
Contains: Pepper, Lemongrass and Ginge essential oils. Base oil contain a combination of moisturising almond and Olive Oil

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