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“When the team of Anuved approached me to become the brand ambassador I thought of it as one more 'soap' that will be added to those long shelves of soap bars in a shop that simply confuse the consumer than help him. I wondered what's new. And then I realised that its not something new, instead its something as old as the Vedic age! Something, as old as Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions! I used the soaps and was instantly reminded of my childhood. The divine fragrances found in temples, the aroma of the fresh green Kewda flower, the taste of the potent Panchamrut. Then it dawned on me that these were not just ordinary soaps. They were our Indian culture! My point of view has changed and I feel I am not promoting soaps, I am preserving the Indian culture. I can imagine a time when kids will ask 'Pop, who's Ganga ?' This thought sends a shiver down my spine. I want to do my bit to pass on our culture and our heritage to our future generations, and being associated with Anuved is my way of doing it.
Shri Vikram Gokhleji
“I use Anuved regularly. It surely leaves me with a feeling of purity and I love all the fragrances. Ashtgandha and Panchamrut are my favourites in the collection and I am proud to be associated with the brand Anuved."
Smt. Mrinal Kulkarni
“I have been using AnuSpa Kesar soap for about a month now and my skin already feels softer, fairer and is glowing like never before! Prior to this I have tried several face washes in the market, but was not satisfied with the results. AnuSpa Kesar Soap has showed a visible difference within a week. So much that I have recommended the soap to my friends too! Thanks!”
Sangeeta Warkar - Kanjurmarg (E), Mumbai
“Your AnuSpa Honey and Anuved Ashtagandha Soaps have really impressive results. I bought them from Garhak Peth in Pune, and would like to know other places these soaps are available.
AnuSpa : Our soaps are available at many outlets in Pune. Like
1.All branches of GrahakPeth,
2.Atul Mini Market
3.All outlets of Dorabjee
4.Kondawa medical shops
5. Om Supermarket
6. Ramesh mini market
7. Desai Bandhu
Amarendra Godbole, Pune
“I am regular user of AnuSpa Aloe Vera and Gulabjal Soap. Its lovely! Could you please guide me about what soap would be best for my dry skin?
AnuSpa - Our soaps are suitable for all skin types but if your skin is very dry, you should try the AnuSpa Honey and Glycerine soap. Honey is anti-bacterial and an intense moisturiser. Glycerine is also popular as a moisturiser.”
Neelam A Agarwal, Vashi
“We celebrate ‘Haldi Kum Kum’ between Makar Sankranti and Rathasaptami, and as a part of the ceremony a gift is given to all the women who come for the celebration. My sister-in-law gave me Anuved Ashtagandha as that gift and thats how I got introduced to your brand. Since then there has been no looking back. Your soaps leave one with a very pleasant feel, which I like a lot and besides the Anuved Ashtagandha I have also tried your other soaps and have liked all of them, especially because the fragrances are so soothing and the colours so natural – unlike most soaps in the market that use synthetic perfumes. ”
Trupti Pranav Kelkar
“Your Ashtagandha Soap makes our Diwali Abhyangsnaan truly divine one. It gives a great aroma-therapy experience leaving our skin soft, supple & fragrant for the rest of the day. Thank you for this wonderful creation. In fact, I've become hardcore AnuSpa Soaps Fan in the last 3 years. I've been gifting so many variants of your soaps to my close relatives n now they call me Brand Ambassador of AnuSpa :) and I'm very happy about it! ”
Rama Mate
“Anuspa thanks its many admirers!
Are you one of them?
Anuspa Admirers
“I used anuspa aloevera soap for a month...,it is awesome...,all my marks disappeared, I discontinued becoz i dnt know where the stores are available in hyderabad? plz can msg me adresses of stores available in hyderabad to my mail....plzzzzzz. ”
“I am a fan of Anuspa soaps since long time. I stay in Indonesia but I always see to it that I carry Anusoaps in my bag way back to Indonesia whenever I return from India. Khus is my all time favorite. Its aroma is mesmerizing. I have also tried sandalwood and Panchamrut soaps of Anuspa ”
Mrs.Simran Galvankar
“I am extremely happy to use anuved soaps. It leaves my skin soft and moisturised.  Moreover the fragrance it leaves ,keeps me fresh the whole day.  It is a mood elevator for people like me who wants to smell good all the time.I was gifted this product by somebody.  I am thankful to him as well.I have been using the second cake now.Kesar is just awesome.Also I would suggest you to advertise the product on TV so that more n more people are benefitted n also they would contribute in using Indian made products n thus saving our currency. ”
Dr nidhi agarwal
“ Anuspa is a complete herbal facial kit for women. Even I use this soap for my one year baby. ”
 seema mokadam
“The products are worthed. I have told many of them about this product. I was looking for the same from longtime. feels fresh and makes the skin more softer and softer. truely in love with this product. ”
Tulika Pal , Chembur Mumbai
““I use Anuved first time. I have purchase it from girgaum Mumbai of Chandanam flavour & I was fill that it give me & my family pure vedic bath experience on this earth but very frankly I want to till that the cost of soap is high. Thanks & Regards : Rajesh Shantaram Medhekar.”
“My fly & self use Anuspa which gives us a sense of purity, leaving a lingering fragrance. Aloevera, Kersar, Ubtan scrub, Shahi Sandal with Almond oil are our favorite in our collection. Taking a step forward exploring the fresh flower aromatherapy just gives a WoW effect. Regards V Kolpe, ”
Vishal Kolpe
“what do u like about Anuved - it is the only soap without Animal fat and i like it the most.Being Ayurvedic doctor I felt its purity as well and I always suggest this soap to my patients also cause it has hidden medicinal values as well. ”
Dr Gauri V Kulkarni
“Anuspa soap is like made up of real natural ayurvedic ingredients which feels me so fresh and my skin is very refreshing .its aroma is so fresh.”
vaishali v khedkar
“i have been using Anuved soap since last 2 years. i used all flavour except Utan soap. I really like the product. Currently my wife and daughter is also using same product. The good thing about this product is you really get feel of purity. I really appreciate the kind of work team is doing.. Thanks”
Chetan Nalawade
“Me & my family regularly use our Anuved soap since last year.My family like about anuved first of its fresh and pure fragrances .its really feel fresh and purity of mind after take a bath with Anuved soap. Thanks for making this such a awesome product. . Yes its true that it feels after using Anuved Soap " Pavitra Snan " . ”
Mr.& mrs. Sunil M.Phutane & family
“It gives feeling of purity and divinity I am regular user of anuved soaps.It gives me feeling of purity, divinity and spirituality. Kevda,Panchamrut and Haldi Raktachandan are my favourites. ”
Mrunmayee Kulkarni
“Anuved Soaps are simply too good! I really feel great throughout the day after 'Pavitra Snan' by Anuved. I suggest to diversy into other Products like Deos, Talcum Pawder, toothpastes etc. This is because generally people prefer to use same brand for these personal care products. I am inspired to use more and more Indian Products and for sure, I will use Anuved Soaps only till I am alive! Thanks for giving such a wonderful products to us!”
Mr. Suyash from Mahim, Mumbai
“I like Anuspa soaps very much. It's fragrance is too good.”
Ms. Vidya Bhegade from Talegaon
“I am a fan of Anuspa soaps since long time. I stay in Indonesia but i always see to it that i carry Anusoaps in my bag way back to Indonesia whenever i return from India. Khus is my all time favourite. Its aroma is mesmerising. ”
Mrs.Simran Galvankar From Indonesia

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