Anuved Gift Set - Three Soaps (375 gm)

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We Indians are a religious lot. Therefore, taking a holy bath every day before our Puja is a way of getting into the pious mood. And it is this very feeling that you can gift others; introduce them to the centuries' old Indian tradition and help them become a part of our rich cultural heritage. Anuved soaps revitalise your skin and give you a beautiful inner glow. These soaps give your daily bathing routine a spiritual definition and a divine edge.


1) Anuved Tulsi Durva Soap For Detoxifying Skin

2) Anuved Panchamrut Soap for healing & moisturising the skin

3)Anuved Chandanam Soap for Skin Nourishment

Now, buy Anuved Gift Set (375 gm) and Get Anuved Agarbatti Free Worth Rs 15/-