AnuSpa Value Hamper 2 ( Set of 12 Soaps) Total value –Rs 1025/-.

Sale price Price Rs. 1,025.00 Regular price Rs. 1,025.00

Anuspa products provide good value for money with their superior quality,natural fragrances and longer lasting soaps. And if you buy them as a part of a hamper,you can save some money too value hamper ii: total value Rs.1025/- , Anuspa aloevera soap (Rs 65/-)Anuspa ubtan scrub soap (Rs. 65/-)Anuspa kesar soap (Rs. 65/-)Anuspa shahi sandal soap (Rs.75/-)Anuspa shahi khus soap (Rs. 75/-)Anuspa bio-d 200gm laundry bar (Rs. 25/-)Anuspa honeylicious soap (Rs. 180/-)Anuspa nimalo soap (Rs. 30/-)Anuved ashtagandha soap (Rs. 65/-)Anuved panchamrut soap (Rs. 65/-)Anuved kewda ras soap (Rs. 65-)fresh flower massage oil 100 ml (Rs. 250/-)