Anuved Herbal Haldi Raktachandan Bathing Soap for Clean & Clear Skin, 125 gm each (Set of 6)

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Haldi is an age-old Indian herb used for skin brightening and natural moisturising. Its anti bacterial action helps to combat acne & revitalise your skin cells to restore skin to its natural healthy glow. Raktachandan is antimicrobial as well and is also an ancient remedy to treat skin problems. It removes pigmentation and suntan, creates magic on the skin, controls ageing, gives relief in itching and skin irritation, reduces oiliness & tightens pores. Haldi and Raktachandan is a unique time-tested effective combination for flawless Skin.

All our products are 100% herbal, Eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, sulfates, phosphates, paraben and animal fat. Our products are totally safe for your skin as well as the environment.