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Give your day the perfect auspicious start with an Anuved Snaan. Our products are derived from centuries of ancient Indian heritage and wisdom.

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Products

It is tough on dirt but soft on fabric as well as hands. Consumes less water, eco-friendly phosphate free and with a mild lingering fragrance.

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I have used Anuved's Shahi Khus soap since the start of summer. It makes me feel cool and skin soft...

Nisha Banerjee

Scent is very nice very calm very cool very comfortable. It is very refreshing. Skin becomes very soft after using. Skin feels moisturized.

Dr.Rudra Khaire

My favourite is Aloe Vera. It makes my skin feel soft and is natural soap.This is a fantastic product. Very sustainable and ecofriendly.

It lasts longer compared to other brand.
Everyone should use it.

Saili Ahuja

I am using these for more than 3 years for daily bathing. Sometimes, also for washing my face. I must say these work like magic for me. My skin looks hydrated and radiant. However, the product lasts for a month.

Chetan Takle

I really like this product. I've been using it for over a year and I'm impressed with their great variety of soaps at a reasonable cost. Also, they are paraben free and very mild on the skin. You can feel the difference when you start using it. I recommend everyone to try this out!

Ravindra Panchal

I Good quality ayurvedic product from Anuved with pleasant smell and long lasting at a very discounted price. Feel fresh and refreshing after taking bath. The scent and smell lasts for a longer time even after the bath.

kavitha More

Good product .

The soap was sealed well .

This is the grade 1 soap with TFM 80%

And thus the soap quality is superior.


Razia Khan

It is such a fine product in this price, this soap makes every shower a pleasurable experience.

It keeps the skin smooth and fresh while providing a relaxing experience.

Pratiksha Vishwaroop

I just wanted to try out something natural for my baby clothes, instead of all the Fancy laundry items which has harsh chemicals. I used the Bio -D laundartysoap to hand wash my baby clothes and it does give a very great smell after the wash, and you can feel the freshness. While rinsing it does not require so much of water two times of rinsing is more than enough for all the foam to wash away. Unlike other
commercial soaps we can be sure that there won't be any foam left out even after lots of rinsing, which was the best part. The soap is soft like a bathing
soap and its last longer. But after wash, you will only feel the freshness on clothes. The cost is very economical and I would like to
thank Anuved for the product.

Shweta Jadhav