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Derived from Mother Nature's best kept secrets.

Formulated by an IITian. A success story spun in Khadi.

When it comes to creating a rejuvenating bathing experiences every day, no one does it better than Anuspa. The Anuspa range of products are created in a way that it cares not just for your skin but also for the environment. Our products are derived from the best purest and best that Mother Nature has to offer. All our products are 100% herbal and free from harmful chemicals, sulphates, paraben and animal fat. Which means, our products are totally safe for your skin and well as the environment.

Every product is ideated, researched, manufactured, tested and packaged in-house to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of ingredients used. We never compromise on quality and ensure a great experience for our customers. After all, when it comes to your skin, we know you deserve nothing but the best!

See the interview of our founders on News18 Lokmat here.

Bio-D Laundry Product

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I've been using Anuspa Moisturizing luxury soap of Honey, Aloe Vera and Glycerine. The soap is Excellent and has a very pleasant smell. My whole family likes it.

Sanjay Dharathok

I have used Anuved's Chandanam soap when I was in India(Pune) and was very much satisfied with its result. I purchased a full box of 104 soaps and used it for 3 yrs. Now, I have moved to Australia (Sydney) and couldn't find any other better soap than Anuspa. I experimented with different soap as well as shower gel, but none of them gave the same results.

Dharmesh Mistry

I see herbal products to be genuinely great! I have used so far Anuspa Kesar soap, currently using Shahi Khus soap. Recommended Panchamrut soap for my bro which is healing his allergic scars. Recommended Shahi sandal soap for my friend who uses sandal soaps only. Every product works well :) French cologne soap is also super cool.

Devaki S