The Making of Anuved

One Day Raakesh decided to quit his job with Godrej Soaps & start on his own. The venture selected was a soap factory.

As there was a paucity of funds, being a first-generation entrepreneur, he took a factory on rent & started making soaps for other brands. Slowly he became financially stable and thought of making his brand for relatives & friends so that they can benefit from his expertise.

These thoughtfully curated soaps based on our traditional Indian wisdom found in Ayurveda came into being. Many people benefited, pimples got cleared, skin allergies got healed", and skin became radiant & soft.

Anuradha, all along in the background helping Raakesh, now came into the forefront to nurture the brand, and Anuved was born.

Anuved created goodwill & Helped by khadi, Swadeshi, Mumbai Grahak, and Apna Bazaars, slowly & steadily gained market share& became a well-loved brand.

Quality and Anuved became synonymous

In the beginning, the reviews were the most gratifying things. With word of mouth & gifting, Anuved soaps became popular. Once somebody tried Anuved they became a repeated customer.

Nothing succeeds like success.

They started advertising on Marathi channel. With the help of a good team, which was attached to the brand, they didn't have to fib as Anuved was a quality product. Thus manufacturing and marketing worked hand in hand.

Anuved brand became stronger.

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