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Here is what our customers say about our products:

Dharmesh Mistry

I have used Anuved's Chandanam soap when I was in India(Pune) and was very much satisfied with its result. I purchased a full box of 104 soaps and used it for 3 yrs. Now, I have moved to Australia (Sydney) and couldn't find any other better soap than Anuspa. I experimented with different soap as well as shower gel, but none of them gave the same results.

Devaki S

I see herbal products to be genuinely great! I have used so far Anuspa Kesar soap, currently using shahi khus soap. Recommended Panchamrut soap for my bro which is healing his allergic scars. Recommended Shahi sandal soap for my friend who uses sandal soaps only. Every product works well :) French cologne soap is also super cool

Padma Venkatraman

I have been using Bio-D laundry bar for washing my baby's clothes since her birth. Find it super mild and it cleans so well, including all kinds of stains (poop inclusive). It leaves no sediments. I even recommended it on mommy groups.

R Muthulakshmi

Sandal soap is like an upgraded version of  Mysore sandal soap with pleasing aroma and colour.

Arjun Kathe

I like the fragrance of anuved soaps. They give the feeling of purity and freshness. Coconut Kokum Butter and vibhuti are my favourites.

Nikita D Kargutkar

The fragrance of the soaps is very nice & asthgandha is my favourite one. It gives a feeling of freshness.

Razia Shaikh

I have been using your soap "Shahi Khus" for the last six months. It is very good for my skin and I want to continue it.

Sanjay Dharathok

I've been using Anuspa Moisturizing luxury soap of Honey, Aloe Vera and Glycerine. The soap is Excellent and has a very pleasant smell. My whole family likes it.

Rajesh Medhekar

I used Anuved first time even though it was not available in our Bhayander city. I have purchased it from Girgaum Mumbai which was Chandan fragrance & I was happy that it gives me & my family pure vedic bath experience on this earth.

Aditi Keer

I'm using Gulabjal soap and it smells really nice


My favourite is Aloe Vera. It makes my skin feel soft and is natural soap.

Hari Rai

I'm regularly using your Khus Soap and feels fresh